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BBQ, grilling and baking around the world has evolved over time with the primary focus being squarely placed on efficiency and short cuts.  At The Wood Fire Cookery Group, we believe the cooking process should never stray far from the primitive method utilizing wood, fire, and smoke.   


Slow seasoned cook wood is one of, if not the most underrated ingredients in gastronomy.

Cooking with 100% wood delivers "wow moment" results for meat, fish, poultry, pizza, bread, veggies and oh yeah coffee! 


We have been able to stake a claim at the top of our industry by consistently delivering exceptional performing and precisely designed equipment. 


PRIMITIVE PITS / Commercial offset smokers, ovens, guacho grills all centered around wood fire cookery. 

WORKHORSE PITS /Backyard offset smokers, fire pits, gaucho grills.

AMERICAN COOK WOOD / Slow cured premium hardwood. For those who won't compromise. With full service yards in Lexington, TX and Cleveland, GA.  Delivery or pickup available.

EL BANDIDO GRILLS  / Argentinian-style gaucho grills built for performance and nostalgia.  We offer stainless steel and mild steel options.

BBQ XO / Your strategy for wood fire cooking.  Hands on and online training from the masters of their class.

QUETORIALS / The people, tools and techniques of wood fire cookery told through our founder's Youtube channel.

WOOD FIRE MERCANTILE / Coming October 2023!

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