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Over time, global BBQ, grilling, and baking have shifted towards efficiency and shortcuts. At The Wood Fire Cookery Group, we are steadfast in our belief that authentic cooking should be rooted in the age-old techniques using wood, fire, and smoke. Seasoned cook wood, often overlooked, is a pivotal ingredient in gastronomy. By cooking solely with wood, unparalleled flavors are imparted to meat, fish, poultry, pizza, bread, vegetables, and even coffee. Our dedication to authenticity, coupled with our consistently exceptional and meticulously crafted equipment, has positioned us at the pinnacle of our industry.



At Primitive Pits, we champion the age-old BBQ tradition, emphasizing wood, fire, and smoke over modern shortcuts. Specializing in 250, 500, and 1000 gallon tank sizes, our commitment to this primal method, coupled with advanced computational fluid dynamics, has positioned us at the forefront of the commercial offset smoker market. We provide exceptional performance with a convection standard of ±5 degrees across our products. Our unbeatable prices and a clientele roster that boasts Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joints and renowned chefs affirm our unparalleled quality and expertise in the industry.

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Workhorse Pits reveres the timeless art of wood fire cooking, offering offset smokers renowned for their top-tier craftsmanship and unparalleled performance. With a foundation rooted in rigorous scientific research, Workhorse ensures precision, delivering smokers that maintain a temperature consistency of just ±5 degrees across the grates. This exceptional standard is achieved through meticulous engineering, precision metallurgy, and exact fitting. Every unit is handcrafted, highlighting our acute attention to detail, commitment to superior quality, and dedication to providing value at a competitive price point.


El Bandido, inspired by the nostalgic allure of wood fire cooking, offers innovative Argentinian-style gaucho grills, handcrafted in the USA with American steel. Brought to you by the creators of Primitive Pits and Workhorse Pits, El Bandido introduces the world's first wireless, chainless, caster-mounted gaucho grill. Designed for both backyard enthusiasts and top-tier restaurants, this unique grill, available in two finishes and sizes, enables heat control by adjusting the cooking grate's proximity to the embers, with options for standalone use or tandem setups.


Greetings! Since childhood, I've been enchanted by the primal art of wood fire cooking, a passion ignited by family moments around campfires and a life-changing introduction to Texas brisket in the 1990s. My journey led me to craft cooking tools and establish brands like Primitive Pits (2015) and Workhorse Pits (2019). In 2022, I introduced American Cook Wood, specializing in slow-dried, seasoned cook wood. Join me on my YouTube channel, Quetorials, as we explore the world of wood fire cooking, featuring guest interviews, insights from both commercial and backyard settings, and valuable tips from my experiences. #quelife

- JD

Cut Wood

American Cook Wood is dedicated to authentic artisans in cooking. We provide claim-harvested, slow-seasoned hardwood, guaranteeing a distinctive flavor profile and certainty in wood species and harvest date. This meticulous process ensures that our hardwood matures slowly, restoring sought-after sweet notes unattainable from typical store products. Beyond premium cook wood for both professionals and backyard enthusiasts, we offer door-to-door delivery for bulk orders, yard pickup, and a range of accessories, including storage solutions and cutting boards.

Camp Fire

BBQ xo is the ultimate hub for wood fire cooking enthusiasts. We present an unparalleled wood fire cooking curriculum, imparting wisdom from industry masters. This age-old technique is unmatched in delivering rich, intricate flavors for grilling and smoking. Catering to all, from backyard hobbyists to commercial professionals, we provide tailored classes for every expertise level. In our Commercial Class section, participants keen on enhancing their wood fire cooking proficiency will find invaluable insights, ideal for those managing or initiating operations.


Wood Fire Mercantile, coming soon, is your dedicated destination for all things related to the age-old art of wood fire cooking. Rooted in tradition and fueled by passion, we'll be offering a curated selection of BBQ smokers, premium accessories, and high-quality supplies. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or a weekend BBQ enthusiast, Wood Fire Mercantile aspires to be the beacon for those seeking authenticity, craftsmanship, and the rich flavors that only wood fire cooking can impart. Stay tuned for an immersive culinary experience like no other!

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